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i got a CVA WOLF 50cal with scope (2) 50gr triple se7en pellets and federal B.O.R. LOCK 270GR im dead on at 30yards right now where i hunt deer are from under 10yards and out to 200yards max. what wld be the best distance to be dead on for that yardage . Thanks
Agree with G. My BP is set 1" high at 100 yards and my shots are 150 or less. Two years ago I shot my buck at 30 yards. Sometimes withy BP you have to play with the load to get the most accurate results. Put it at 1" high at 100 then back out to 200 and see where you are on paper. Some BP shoot great out to 200 yards some not so much. The only way you are going to know is to shoot it and get confident with your gun.
Shoot it a lot and get to know it. Wise old adage " Beware of a man with only one gun, for he surely knows how to use it."
I have the same gun.

you shoot a heavier bullet than I do - I shoot a 230 gr powerbelt with the same 100 gr charge. You are going to see more bullet drop and 200 yards is a good poke with a shorter barreled gun like a wolf. All I can tell you to do is shoot your gun with your load and develop your own chart. Set your zero at say 150 yards and then shot at 50, 100, 150, 200 and see what you get.

I personally limit my range to approx 100 yards with my gun, because shooting from a bench or vise is far different than shooting in the field. The gun may be capable of the my case I have to question if the shooter is or not.