1. Captain Belly

    Venison Cevapi

    Here's an amazing Balkan sausage (traditionally not stuffed in casings).... which is why it looks..... odd..... My bro-in-law grew up eating this sausage. It's commonly served with a pepper relish called Ajvar. I made some from preserved peppers that I grew over the summer (mine are spicy!) Wiki...
  2. Captain Belly

    DIY Venison Mettwurst - great with kraut

    Here's one that I did that has a little different flavor to it. I found that making a Ruben sandwich with this is the way to eat it for sure. for some reason, it's a million times better when paired with kraut. Of course I use homemade kraut which is superior to canned.
  3. Captain Belly

    DIY Venison Knockwurst - Delicious!

    I eat this for breakfast almost every day. I spear it with a chopstick like a corndog and dip it in mustard. Can't believe how good this turned out. I only made 10 lbs at first and wished I made more. Then a buddy gave me his "extra deer meat" and I made all of it into knockwurst.
  4. Captain Belly

    Homemade Electric deer drag'n machine!

    I hunt deep hollows that are so steep an ATV couldn't get to the bottom. Been hunting this terrain for years. Now that my back is shot and I have a bad knee, I came up with a device that does all the work for me. Thought I'd share it. Not sure if videos are allowed on here, but doesn't hurt...
  5. Cody

    Looking for land to Shed Hunt

    My name is Cody and I live in Michigan. I'm looking for land to search for antlers either in Michigan or out of state. I've found some in Michigan before, but other states produce bigger bucks than Michigan. I'm looking preferably for private property, but would take any info on decent state...
  6. Austin Dixon

    Weather Forecasting for Deer Hunting

    Hello fellow deer hunters, My name is Austin Dixon. I am a master's student in atmospheric sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and I have a bachelor's degree in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma. I have created a website dedicated to discussing the weather forecast...
  7. O

    Invitation to Hunt/Fish and Dive in New Zealand

    Hi Fellow Fishos, Spearos and hunters. I have a unique situation where I am finishing up my corporate job this year and going to be hunting, fishing and diving my way around New Zealand for 3-4 months. This is my backyard and have extensively hunted, fished and speared a large majority of NZ...
  8. D

    New Year, New Deer Season. Steadfast tips to help your success

    Each year I sit back once deer season ends and take inventory of the lessons learned. This year was no different , but as I thought about it further I realized there were several that I follow religiously. The 5 I wrote about in the article below are the ones I have learned in years past, and...
  9. D

    Tough Season. Forget what you know, remember whats important

    My 2016 deer season has been tough in Michigan. Lots of close calls and tough conditions turned my season into a grind by the time firearm got going. It didn't stop there either. I now I'm a tough hunter, but I was letting circumstances get the best of me and I lost track of what I should have...
  10. snyderracing


    i got a CVA WOLF 50cal with scope (2) 50gr triple se7en pellets and federal B.O.R. LOCK 270GR im dead on at 30yards right now where i hunt deer are from under 10yards and out to 200yards max. what wld be the best distance to be dead on for that yardage . Thanks
  11. C

    Just hit a deer

    Just hit a deer (doe) off of 136 west right after getting off of I-75. it may be on the side of the road if anyone wants it. I couldn't bring myself to go back and look at it because there's nothing I can do to help it.
  12. Couchguy

    A couple of hunting jokes in honor of the season.

  13. snyderracing

    buying new gun need help

    Im stuck between 7mm-08 or 25-06 where i hunt is open i have had deer under 10 yards and out to 200 yards. so what wld be better at closer range between them im kinda thinking the 25-06 bullet wld explode at that close range .
  14. A

    Recommended caliber/rifle for a new hunter

    I am 19 years old and have just recently gotten into hunting. I live in Georgia, so I will be hunting whitetail for the most part, and maybe go on the occasional hog hunt. We have a large piece of private land, consisting of both a field and thick woods. A shot in the field would be between...
  15. Couchguy

    A little deer camp humor...

  16. C

    Annuall hunting lease in Texas

    Does anyone know where I can find an annuall hunting lease in west or central Texas want a 4 to 6 hunter lease!