Mother Nature backed me into a corner....


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I'd posted earlier about starting my grafting early because of the warm, early spring. Went to look at the trees and sure enough, my pears were in full bloom and the green leaves starting. What to do? Well, I did my pear grafting, nice slippery bark, etc. Now I look at the forecast and the next two nights will be into the 20s. Here's hoping I don't loose them all.
Anyone have history of how low and how long the temps have to be before the new grafts are killed?
I have no experience with temps that cold after grafting but I would be concerned for them to make it if they freeze. Hopefully someone that has had it happen before chimes in.
I did my first pear graft 3 days ago but it was on a potted seedling. I brought it in my sunroom the last couple of nights with low freezing temps. My guess is that you will be ok but only time will tell.
All of my pears are leafed out and most blooming. I have some fruit trees that haven't leafed out yet. I'm gonna give them until late March or early April before I attempt a graft on anything.