2017 Grafting Report, a real mixed bag


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Thanks to all who contributed to getting me started grafting this first spring. Well, the report card is in. Bottom line is that Mother Nature did her part. As long as I played by her rules, the grades were about a B+. When I screwed up - - well suffice to say she didn't grade on a curve. I flunked. All my apple and pear grafts were highly satisfactory. I had MoonGlow, Bartlett, Keiffer and Ayers scion wood and grafted all to deer pear trees about 5 years old. I did bark, cleft w+t and whips. Success rate was right at 90%. My apples were Gala, Golden Delicious and Honeycrisp. Again, used all the grafts and had a good 90%. So much for the good news. The last day I grafted apples, I also had my persimmon scion wood with me in the cooler. I'd hoped that the persimmons had broken dormancy and were ready to graft. Well, by the time I'd finished the apple grafting, I'd run out of daylight and had to really rush to make it back home. I didn't check gear leaving the field - - and left the cooler behind. It was six days before I discovered my error - six warm, long days. I had cooked my persimmon scions!!! I got back up there and did the grafting and left with my fingers crossed. Nope, Mother Nature is kind of unforgiving on klutzy mistakes. So thank you Todd for the kind contribution of Okie scions - and I hope you'll be amenable to helping my re-start next spring.
Absolute, unqualified 'Yes'. I'm assuming that it isn't too late to graft. The persimmons are leafed out - but it is still early in May. So, if it's not too late in the spring, please send them on out. I should be able to just cut below the failed grafts. If they don't match up well, there were a lot of untouched graft sites to choose from. And I've still got the grafting bag in the back of the truck. Do you need a 'resend' on the mailing address?
No, I think I still have it. I just grafted last week and I have had good luck grafting well into May.
Great. I'm eagerly waiting for the mailman!!
Scions are on the way my friend. That's the last of my persimmons so don't leave these in the field:D. Sorry I didn't get them out yesterday but couldn't get away from work early enough. They will arrive Monday.
Arrived safe and sound, and have been grafted. My old username is inop right now, awaiting site manager help. Just wanted to let you know that Oklahoma scions are doing their thing here in Virginia!!
Glad they arrived. They still looked very healthy. Hopefully in 2 to 3 weeks you'll see success.
When grafting the last scions I took this pic. I may have lucked out and am grafting female to female. Well, I'm probably going to get a different drop time. Unfortunately I'm unable to get the pic to upload, but it's a clipped twig with dozens of three clustered nodules on the underside of the branches. I'd rather be lucky than good any day.....
After all the song, dance and hoopla I think I have a final product report. Only one of the original grafts took (the ones I 'cooked'). I got a good half dozen of the second session though all seem rather puny for having had a full summer to grow. But, hey, they're GREEN. It's been a good summer for raw growth on my trees and I think I'll have 3, maybe 4, that I can top work this spring. I'm pretty sure my learning curve has been steep enough that I'll up my success rate significantly. I'll be pestering you one more time, Doc, for a few Okie scions - - and I promise I won't cook them this year.