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Has anyone bought fruit trees from them ! And if so, what is your opinion ? I bought a some a few years ago, some of them lived, some didn't, but I gotta say that I didn't do anything except put them in the ground with a tree tube installed. I've been doing a little reading about pruning, etc. and will do more before I pull the trigger. Thinking about crabapples and Kieffer pear. Right now, they are 25% off and free shipping so I thought I'd take advantage of that since I already had decided to plant some.

What are y'all's thoughts ? Thanks !
Bought some Rapid Mast Mexican plums and crab apples from them. Crab apples haven't done real well, a few of the Mexican plums put on a lot of growth the first year, growing out of a 5ft tube. However, I've seen some signs of dieback. I have done no supplemental watering, just stuck them in the ground and put a tube around them. Time will tell how they work out.

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Bought some rapid mast trees this week, planted some of them today. I ordered 85 trees; oaks; persimmon, pear, mulberry and a few others. They arrived in great shape with the exception of the 4 mulberry trees.

Looking forward to shooting a deer over them in 8-10 years!

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Let me rephrase my question. Does anyone have recommendations as to where to buy fruit trees ?