NWSG Plugs from Nativ Nursery?


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Has anyone used the Nativ Nursery NWSG plugs? If you have experience, what time of year is best to have these into the ground? I am in southwest Missouri, and figure this year is too late.

I am interested in getting about 50-100 plugs as a small test section for my family's property to show the benefits of converting our overgrown fescue fields to NWSG.

As I have mentioned before, my father and uncle are still the primaries on our property, and I've had to slowly work them towards ideas/goals I have for the wildlife habitat changes I would like to see implemented. Even when I have success in situations, it still takes some convincing on my part to implement another change/plan. Typically, I implement the change to my hunting area, and once the benefit is seen - they allow me to start implementing elsewhere.

For my hunting area, I would be installing these on the side slope of a ridge. This side slope has had washouts in the past, so I am leery to wholesale kill off of the current brush/grass, and start with NWSG seed (even with a cover crop of cereal grains). I like the thought behind the plugs already having some roots started to help hold the soil and give a jump start to the growth. Plus, I do have some beneficial brush (buck brush, blackberries), that I have set back 2-3 years by mowing the area. Mowing also led to a flush of broomsedge. The broomsedge has been better than the fescue, which is prompting my further move to the NWSG (bluestem/indiangrass/switchgrass) ideas.