Mock Scrapes


Hi All-

Anyone have any advice for setting up mock scrapes?
I have never set them up before but wanted to try something new this year.
I have 2 magnum drippers and some Rack Rub that I am going to create them with.

Any advice or lessons learned are welcome.

I have a piece on grape vine hanging from a tree where I take a leak when I check my cams and the deer (bucks and does) use it as a sort of scrape. Biggest thing I have seen is LOCATION. You find a deer trail OR make it stick out so badly the deer have to come check it out. Look for previous scrapes, rubs and or tracks to indicate use currently or previously to help point you in the right direction. Some folks do this with a cut tree out in a food plot and my experience with that is the bigger and more out in the middle of nowhere the better! Seeing Okies pics, makes me feel not so bad for getting caught on cam!!!!
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If you hunt the same ground year after year - you probably know a couple scrapes that are active every year. I always freshen them up early - late august - a little doe estrous urine - maybe some of my own - and I open it up good. Usually gets good action right away as I think most of the does and bucks know to check here for activity,



One place where a total mock scrape can work is on a field edge - is where bucks like to feed and posture in Sept. I have some that I use every year for this purpose - and the deer tend to ignore them once real rut activity starts - but early on - most bucks cannot resist checking it out once they are there -



Try it - and get your camera high enough not to draw a lot of attention -
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