Millet Planting for ducks


I have a question for any you that have planted, grown, or hunter extensively over millet for waterfowl...I planted millet last year in our 6ac impoundment. and flooded it about 14-16in on avg. The millet apparently re-seeded itself and have now an incredible, mature stand of millet. The only problem is that it has started to yellow and die. I'm afraid that the millet stalk might drop all the seed on the ground between now and Mid-November, and then I will not have an food in the pond once it is flooded? Has anyone dealt with this before and is this something I should be concerned about now?
Sorry for the very late reply, but, yes, that is a common occurrence with volunteer millet. Presuming it is Jap millet, if it is matured out by end of July you have two options (at least here in OK), let it sit and hope deer, turkeys, pigs, etc. don't strip it all by the season, or get in there and knock it down and hope for a light rain on top of it to wet it and get it to start growing again. Most of our waterfowl millet planting goes on in late July through mid- to late-August. Your situation would just save you the trouble of buying seed. Either way you go, you are likely to have a crop come season (animals or weather knocking seed out of the head will cause additional volunteer plants). Maybe not as dense or with the coverage you get from the initial seeding, but it'll draw in some birds.
I waited it out, and the Millet did die and fall over. The near drought conditions didn't help either as it seems to had killed all my smartweed as well. Oh well, I learn best by trial and error. I can hope that what millet is left will float when it is flooded in November and be accessible. Next yea if this happens I will know to brush hog by end of July/Aug and top seed in more jap millet!
Puddle ducks like mallards, teal, pintails etc can and do feed on plant material and seeds that are 6-8" under water with no problem.