Fall planting of apple trees and other questions.


Got a bunch of questions.
Has anybody ordered trees from the Arbor Day foundation, and what was your overall opinion of the trees you received. I will be looking at possibly a fall planting of red delicious and yellow delicious apple trees as well as thornless honey locust. Never really planted a tree in the fall so just a little curious on what your survival rate has been for those who have did it and if it better for the tree to do fall plantings. It sounds like they ship them already exposed to a few hard frost so they should be ready for winter. Do you still have to water them on a regular basis?
I planted 25 red cedars 25 American plums this spring and other then 10 plums getting flooded out they are doing fairly well.
I personally wouldnt order from Arbor Day Foundation. I have heard alot of negative comments regarding their trees, I have not ordered from them. Curious as to why you would choose red and yellow delicious?

As for fall planting which zone are you in? Western KS has 3 different zones. If you are farther south you will likely be fine if we have a mild fall into early winter. I would suggest watering them in well at planting time and then once a month is probably sufficient depending on your soil type and if the ground is frozen or not.

Shoot me a PM if you are interested in a list of varieties we have available.
I have 100% survival on Fall planted trees in zone 6a. In my area pears are better adapted than apples. Arbor Day trees are for urban areas, not deer habitat. I got some Arbor Day trees given to me and it was a waste of time and space to plant them. The apples were flowering and there were non-native decorative plants.
I was thinking red and yellow apples just to give the deer something else to snack on. The area where I want to plan this is completely surrounded by Ag land so just wanting to get a little bit more variety. Ness county is where the trees would be planted. I ordered the red cedars and American plums from the Kansas forest service this spring and was happy with them.

According to the Arbor Day website that would be zone six. USDA zone map northern edge of 6 a.

Very open to hearing better options. The tree could be planted close to a small pond, if I had to guess it's a half-acre to a three-quarter acre pond.
I'll send you a PM Turkey Creek. Thanks