MDC tree shipment

Mine came 4/7

ninebark,silkydogwood,buttonbush (25 each)

planted 4/8 and most sprouting green!!

all planted near moist areas in dappled shade

will see how they do in texas heat

I guess I'm going to call them today and see what happened with my order.
I did a late order 2 weeks ago and received them 2 days ago. What week did you request for your tree delivery? They are usually really good at scheduling.
I received my order last Wednesday: 100 trees. Elderberry, Roughleaf Dogwood, Norway spruce, bur oak, white oak and Swamp white oak. All the trees and shrubs were in great shape. I am still so impressed with the quality of trees I have received 3 years in a row.
I got mine, they called me back within an hour of me calling them. I just forgot when I requested them to be delivered.