Lost my best friend


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I lost my girl this morning . Yesterday was like any other day, she woke up fine, acted like a puppy like every morning then around 10 her health started to decline rapidly, she had no known health issues. At emergency she was diagnosed with a tumor in her heart and fluid around her heart. We did the right thing but I am devastated, she was my companion every day in the shop. Sad day


I'm sorry to hear that. It's never a good day when you have to put a good dog down. They take a little piece with you when they go.

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I hate to hear that. Mine is 12 years old, and the thought of him leaving makes me want to cry. All you can do is think of all the good times you shared. If circumstances allow, get another one and start over, but never forget the ones you loved.
So sorry for your loss. That flat out stinks and doesn’t seem fair.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family in these tough times.
Like everyone else, I am sorry you had to go through that. Unfortunately, we have all been there and know how bad it hurts. One thing I did last year that helped me remember the good times was I put together an album of photos and videos on my phone. I still look through the album about once a week. The second photo you posted would definitely be one to include. I got a good chuckle out of it since it is something that my dog would have done. I am sure there is a good story behind it.
Sorry for your loss. One certainly gets attached to those. They become part of your life.

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It is hard loosing a dog. I had to put my yellow lab down going on two years ago. Had him for 14 years and he was my buddy. Hit me so hard I didn’t want another but finally gave in and picked up a black lab puppy. After a couple months, still catch myself calling him the wrong name. They have the same bloodlines and a lot of similarities in mannerisms.

Loss of a good dog hurts. Having to make that kind of decision is just plain rotten on top of loosing a buddy. Always remember the good times.

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Thank you everyone. My life revolved around spoiling her as she was abused earlier in life and we rescued her at 6yrs old. Truly a void in my life now

As a dog person I am sorry for your loss. I lost mine roughly a year ago and at times it's still hard. Take your time and when your ready....open your heart to another. I have 3 of them laying around sleeping as I type (none of them officially mine).....and if I was to get up and go into the other room...all 3 will follow.