I think my fridge is too cold


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I checked my chestnuts last week and I have zero radicals emerging. My sawtooth oaks haven't done anything either. Most of the winter they were in zip locks with holes poked in them so I put a couple of handfuls of potting mix in the bags and moved them into the fridge in the house. It has a digital reading of the temp on the door so I know its at 37 degrees. My fridge in the garage is an oldie but a goodie, great for brews and power aid but apparently too cold for stratifying chestnuts and acorns. We shall see how it goes. I went ahead and planted some Postoaks acorns in 18's 2 weeks ago after soaking them a few hours. Still waiting for one to pop up.

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You will be surprised how fast they send out a radical once they warm up. Plant them in a good container and growing soil.
I would just pull them all. My chestnuts didn't sprout in the fridge either but almost all have popped inside of 2 weeks after removal from the cold. I just leave them in the plastic bag with damp moss (or paper towel) and pull them and plant as they show a radical.
Thanks guys, i moved them to our fridge in the house but I think i"ll go ahead and do what yall say and just take them out. I'll keep you posted.