How long can you keep acorns and chestnuts in the fridge?


I have been anticipating a heavy cut of Ash this winter however, it didn't happen because of too many thaws on my wet ground. My next window is summer. I have a bunch of acorns and chestnuts in my fridge that I'd hope to grow this spring but I want to hold off until after the cut. Will they keep until fall if I keep them cold?
I tried to keep some Sawtooth acorns in the fridge over the summer and they all shot out a radicle in the summer. I didn’t even bother planting them at that point. I have read that they would keep but maybe mine got moisture or it wasn’t cold enough and they germinated. Can you start them in pots and then plant in the fall? That’s what I do.
Yes, in a fridge. I was hoping to make it through the summer. My thought was to keep an eye on my temp and not let it get too high.
No. Exactly how are they being stored? It will help with advice from others. I meant in multiple zip lock lock baggies in damp sphagnum? Zip lock baggies dry? Tupperware container, etc...
I had 2 DCO's and a Burgamble stored in moist sphagnum peat, in one quart zip locks, that did not have radicals in the spring. When this happens I put them back in the fridge to plant later. Then fall came and they had radicals, but it was too late to plant. I left them in the fridge until the following spring. At that point they had sprouted trunks (1 to 3 inches) and I opened the bags a touch in February. Planted them in the spring (April) and although they were slow to start, they grew fine. So, 18 months stored - fall 2016 to spring 2018. I have about 20 shagbark hickory I collected in fall of 2017. Last spring 2018, they had no radicals. Last fall, I checked and they had 3 inch radicals. I put them all back in the one gallon zip lock bag with moist peat and they are waiting to be planted this spring.
I don't know then, buddy. I haven't ever kept them that long. You could probably keep the acorns but I think I'd start the chestnuts like you have acorns in the past then plant them this fall after the cut. Little more work, but probably better success. Sawtooth and other red oak acorns would probably keep through the summer in the fridge better than whites would. Not really sure. Sucks the weather kept the cut from happening this winter.