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I put 2 packs of chestnuts and 2 packs of bur oaks in the fridge in zip lock bags with some small holes and a wet paper towel back in mid October. Checked them the other day, and some have mold but none have spouted as of yet. I figured by now i would have a sprout or two. Does the mold mean they are shot, or is there still a chance? Should i be seeing sprouts by now?
The mold is a threat to your chestnuts and bur oak. I would remove all that have mold. I would also remove any that are soft and squishy.

I would wash all of them individually under running water and dry them off individually. I would get a new wet paper towel to put in each of my zip lock bags. I would put them back in the fridge at this time.

On Feb 1st, I would remove the zip lock bags and put them on top of the fridge to warm them up. I would leave them there for two days and check them. I would then put them back in the fridge.

Alternative Approach - On Feb 1st, put all nut into growing media and put the containers under lights to start them growing. My growing media would have to drain very well. Especially for chestnuts - they like well drained growing media.

I hope some my info will be beneficial to you.

Good luck and I hope you grow plenty of seedlings.

Honestly I would not put the wet paper towel in them. It has always created mold for me and really doesn't help anything. I just throw mine in a ziplock with 5 pin holes in it and if any sign of mold shows up I will add a little shredded cedar mulch to the bag (handful) and all is well. Do about 600 nuts a year this way and it has worked out great. Moisture in the bags has always made my nuts start to germinate much faster than I would wish too.


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Cleaned them up last night, didn't find any that were soft, so hopefully things are ok. Will pull them at the end of the month to let them warm up.

Verifying that none were soft is a positive sign.

Are you going to direct seed them or will you start them in containers first before they go to a larger container of their final planting location?