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ok so two years in a row I’ve tried growing American persimmon seeds in pots with zero success.
I collected a couple dozen seeds last fall, cleaned them and stored in moist moss in fridge over winter. I transferred them to 2 gallon grow bags full of potting mix in March. No seeds germinated as of now. No radicles or anything ever popped out of the seeds. Same thing last year.
I did the exact same process last two years with acorns and chestnuts and have had near 100% sucess with all the nuts. Please help!
Did you stratify them somehow? I've heard of a few people that get them to germinate without doing anything extra but most others that I know of need them stratified somehow (like an animals stomach acid = get the seeds from scat).
Need to sand the edge of seed. Have to remove enough of the coat that water gets in and it can split open for the radical to come out. Nature does this in the digestive system of whatever eats it. I've done it with sandpaper or scraping with a knife.
Same issue. My persimmon seeds are finally coming on, months after all of my other seeds and I treated all of them the same way.
The germination period after planting is painfully long

Mine took 3-4 weeks I did stratify them in fridge over winter

I also used sandpaper to "scruff them up" prior to planting

First year growth is not particularly impressive( 6-8 in) in my experience

They require scarification (not stratification).

Feed them to your dog then plant them when he poops them out.
Cutman, that's the first thing I thought of lol! It seems like every one the coons "plant" for me sprout!

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