I Mowed "A Little" Radish


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I'm in S.E. Louisiana. The picture below (taken last Saturday) is of one of my small plots that was planted last October with a mix of wheat/oats/clover/chicory/radish. The radish went crazy and is now in flower.


I decided to mow it to see if the clover has survived being shaded out by the taller stuff. I cut it with by home made plot cutter that the guys in my hunting club call "The Batwing".


It doesn't appear as though much of the clover survived. It will be interesting to see what the plot looks like in another month or so.


It took about twenty minutes to mow this 0.4 acre plot. This is the final result.

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Must be a lot warmer over that way...ol man winter still hasn’t released us here in Oklahoma...
Beast of a mower you built, pretty cool. You could overseed a clover into that plot now and get some good growth by summer if you wanted.
I was concerned that if I let that much seed develop I would end up with a pure radish plot next Fall. I didn't think about trying to harvest the seed.

Well anyway, I have another 1/4 acre plot with radish approaching the same growth level that I haven't cut yet. I think I'll let the seed mature on that one and see if it's possible to harvest some.
It's pretty easy to harvest them, but I had deer eat most of mine when I would do it. I know our honeybees love the flowers.