How to kill smartweed


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I need to kill some smartweed in a wetland that is dry for a CRP project.I would thing FSA would have some suggestions but not in this case.Will need to be low replanting time so I can plant forbs and switch in spring
It's a wetland but you're going to plant switch? Smart weed thrives in wet soil, and even though you can kill the plant there are billions of seed in the bank. I kill it with descent success in clover all the time with Imox. I'm sure there are better chemicals since you aren't worried about clover, like I am. 2,4-D kills it on my place too, but I've heard of resistant weeds it won't kill. I love smartweed in a wetland, so do the ducks!
The active ingredients that have been successful in treating Smartweed include:
  • Bispyribac (Rated: Good)
  • Glyphosate (Rated: Excellent)
  • Imazamox (Rated: Excellent)
  • Imazapyr (Rated: Excellent)
  • Imazethapyr (Rated: Excellent)
  • Penoxsulam (Rated: Good)
  • Triclopyr (Rated Excellent)
  • 2,4-D (Rated: Excellent)
I'd consider a combination of the above, like hit it with glyphosate before planting, then, if planting clover I'd use Imazethapyr, if growing grain I'd use 2,4-D. 2,4-D has several week carryover, Imazethapyr has several months.
It's only a wetland because thats the CRP they put it in,Originally they had me plant NWSG in it and since NWSG won't last with a few days of wet feet it died out in a couple acres of the 13 acre project.They are wanting me to plant 350.00 an acre forbs and flowers but don't know how to kill the smartweed.I wish I could dig it all out 2 foot deep and let it hold water.Ever since I planted it more deer have lived there than ducks