Hog hunt


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I am thinking about booking a hog hunt in Oklahoma or Texas this winter. I killed a good boar a long time ago on the Nail Ranch in Albany. This time around I am more interested in BBQ fodder than trophy potential. Prefer fair chase over the high fence. Anybody have a good outfitter that a guy could go kill a few pigs on a couple day hunt?
Bow or gun ? If bow, Diamond C ranch, Big Oak Bowhunting, or Shiloh (in OK) are some I'm familiar with. Never paid to hunt hogs, as they are a plague down here, but I've heard good things about these places.
I'm another fan of Diamond C---pm me if you'd like more details. My brothers and nephews make the trip every year. It is a bowhunting outfit.
Shiloh pigs are fenced...trapped and brought in and turned loose...

You can kill them in the WMA' s around here with the purchase of a temporary license in January/February...

I used to go down to a large cattle operation called "Blue River Ranch" in southern Oklahoma to hunt hogs but last I had heard a new owner shut the hunting down...
I had a hunt booked at northern sky outfitters in N. Texas for early june, got a real good price they advertised on craigslist in my area. All those rains closed the highways to the ranch the night we were leaving to head down, so we are re booked. Other than the price being reasonable I cannot give much of a review otherwise.
I have hunted both and would definitely book in Texas.

Hogs are often nocturnal and it is legal to hunt them in Texas at night with the use of lights. You can get a permit to hunt them at night in Oklahoma but, depending on the time of years and the game warden in the county you hunt, it can be a bit difficult.
I know where a bunch of hogs hang out in the WMA's around here but the hunt definitely wouldn't be a gimme and the firearm would have to be rimfire or a shotgun with pellets. I can put you in there if you ever want to actually hunt hogs instead of sitting at a feeder in a pen like you get in most places...