heritage oaks


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Anyone ever had this variety, bur/english hybrid. Anything you can tell me about it, local place has some really nice ones, they make it sound fast growing and real early prolific acorn production.
Bumping this up, i got a 10ft heritage back in march that never came to life. Went this past week and picked up two 8 footers. They are grafted bur/english hybrids, looks like bur root stock to me. Anyways they have a lot of acorns and have put on 2ft of growth this season already with 1-1.5" trunks. One of the "prettiest" oak leaves i've ever seen. Very excited to see how these work out on my high ph ground, suppose to be good for it.
Not real sure of its origin, lot of the big nurseries around here sell them. Found quite a few sites online discussing them as well.

Heritage Oak (Quercus x macdanielii ‘Clemons’)