Grunting/rattling from box blind?


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Anyone do this? I’m live from the stand in a tower blind sitting on a levy. There are 3 acres of standing beans directly in front and green field tucked in woods behind. There is a huge block of CREP trees which is a bedding area adjacent to beans.

I don’t have my decoy out.

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I grunt from an elevated stand all the time (usually when I’m trying to get the attention of a distant buck). I have found that being aggressive with the call is much more effective than just a few soft grunts.
Yes I do grunt from a tower stand and occasionally rattle, but that is all very situational. I called a lot when I was younger with some measure of success, but never on older deer. And from tower stands or box blinds this can be tricky because there is often nothing preventing a buck from circling around you to catch your wind as they often do when responding to calls.
I have called bucks in sight with a can call while rifle hunting from a box blind, but never with a grunt call or rattling. To be fair, I've not rattled much from a blind.