Groundhog Radish Seed Now Coated


For the past several years, I’ve bought a 50lb bag of groundhog radish to use in the Knox brassica and cereal mixes. This year, I noticed the seed had a pink coating on it. I assume they are charging the same now for less seed, and now it throws off the lb/acre I had been accustomed to, but by how much? Just wanted to let you all know they made a change to coated seed. If anyone knows if buying uncoated groundhog is still an option, please let me know.

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Read the seed tag. It will tell you the percentage of seed, coating, weeds, etc
I planted groundhogs for the first time in years and noticed they’re about 1/3 inert matter by weight. So I increased my normal seeding rate by 1/3, it’ll be interesting to see the results.

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