God's Little Acre Land Tour


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I had this thread going at QDMA but decided to start it over here. This will be a slow process as I'm pretty busy right now.
My wife and I own a 120 acre farm in NY, on the Canadian border. We hear a train at our house, and it's Canadian.....that's how close we are.
I'll start off with one of the best pics I've ever taken.

When I moved here in 2004, this is what the field next to the house looked like.
This is what it looks like now.

The Fish and Wildlife people came in at my invitation and dug some duck ponds in a field that is mostly too wet to plant. I had to sign a 10 year contract saying I won't fill them in.....no problem!

The areas photo with duck ponds and the square off timber is a great photo. It shows the structure of the terrain.
I don't expect it gets cold there. Burr is all this southern boy can think of. I look forward to follow this post and journey.
Thanks for sharing.
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This shot shows my 25 acre woodlot. Across the road is 600 acres of land owned by the town. They lease some hayfields to local farmers, and the majority is excellent deer habitat. This property is heavily hunted by if it's "brown it's down" guys.
Last aerial shot
(Not habitat related, but interesting) While in high school, my daughter worked at resort in the Adirondacks. A couple thousand acres with no hunting, and the staff would feed the deer. This buck had just taken a saltine cracker from her.

This shows some edge I had just created with switch, big and little blue, and Indian grass. It was planted around the perimeter of a 7 acre field I've since turned over to the farmer I lease to.
Wow quite a change in the landscape. Looks like a postcard pic with those red barns. Sweet.
Beautiful property. Amazing the difference in land near house. You done good, and I look forward to reading more about God's Little Acre.
I went up to sit in a blind tonight to do some long range scouting in the bean field. I went in and out undetected using this trail I cut in the edge of the woods.

The trail leads to this blind

View from the blind

The last picture shows part of a plot I do the LC mix in. The brassica section is in the half closest to the blind and they're just now coming up. We desperately need rain though.
These are a few of the deer I saw in the field this evening.


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These are two new plots in the duck pond field. One is .75 acres and the other is .50
If you look closely you'll see my excavator in the background. I'm nearly finished with a berm that will allow me to sneak in and out of the blind there.....more on that later.

This is the only one I can find right now....I'll take some better ones so you can see how big they've gotten. I planted hybrid poplars and hybrid willows to extend the treeline all the way from the woodlot to the duck pond field. Also, hybrid poplars were planted to the left at the end of the treeline.
I remember that you were screening a blind on the property line and that you were advised to plant a screen or a travel corridor.
The poplars I planted by the neighbors blind were too close to the woods and didn't get enough sun. Only a couple got any size to them. It was enough for him to get the idea though because he never completed the blind.