G&N Farm

Hopefully you'll get some this weekend. I finally got a decent rain here last week. It's cooler and I'm off work and in the stand!
Good luck down your way swamp.

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FBB0F364-52AD-4F1B-826E-BD9E35191637.jpeg Some of my food plots. This is a two acre plot where the arrowleaf came in without planting. I spray gly in aug, bush hog in mid sep - and burn if no burn ban - which wasnt the case this year. Then I spread wheat and fertilizer and lightly disc one time. Arrowleaf comes back every year. Does love this plot for fawning, also.
21118BF0-08E1-4F06-8DE4-4076A4E24DA4.png This is my biggest plot - about seven acres. The end where I am standing for this pic is wheat planted with a woods seeder into sprayed native grass that had been bush hogged. The other end is winter rye planted into a short native grass with a woods seeder. Native pecans all through it. This is a real deer magnet.
8516638F-866C-44B9-8DCD-3CEEB99558CE.jpeg C2D267FC-9062-4D14-BD77-4D4844D6F055.jpeg This is about an acre and a half of wheat. I plant in oct for deer and spray gly in late june to keep the stand clean and pure wheat for the doves to feed in during the summer. Bush hog in sep and disked once. Then planted with a woods seeder - two passes to close distance between rows. Takes 15 minutes for me to plant an acre with one pass with the 84” woods.
690F57AE-D01B-4C03-B498-7F779CBC9412.jpeg E436B137-D8D8-4826-BA9A-53D3CD4BB214.jpeg Had a tough duck season this year. Should have been good with the cold weather - but they just never showed in usual numbers. Our duck holes still managed to provide some shooting
4431915F-2CC1-40B8-B037-2DA48A33213E.jpeg 50B42659-D74B-4D41-BE9F-AC11560D183E.jpeg AA8C9973-B499-4207-B72D-37B8245C386C.jpeg Got a text from the Spartan Texting camera showing a boar hog in the corn pile. Jumped on the side by side and headed out. Two big boars when I got there. 225/250 lbs each
767DCE4C-E855-483C-8EF6-9872A7971127.jpeg 1EAAE724-7888-40B2-BF5D-00BA91F124D7.jpeg Got the disk on one of the sunflower fields and one of the eagleseed bean fields. The sunflower field had about three acres of hog damage - up to 18” deep. Slow, slow going - trying to get it back in shape. Didnt get finished with the hog damage, but got the bean field in good shape. Hope to plant next week
FA522274-6F1D-43F3-983D-249053F497EC.jpeg A2152004-3135-4EF6-B6E0-4CBAEDCFD0BE.jpeg Had a pleasant surprise a couple days ago. On old bee hive box I had sitting out on my trailer had a swarm move in. Then later in the day, I hived another swarm I found down at my bee yard. Time will tell if they stay with me.