Found a dead buck today


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I just happened to see this dead buck today off the edge of a food plot. He had not been dead for long (less than 12 hours...maybe less). No signs of trauma and he appeared to be in good body condition. I think he might have died from bloat. Too much lush clover.

He had brown liquid around his mouth and a prolapsed rectum.

I know cattle can die from bloat...deer too?




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Deer can die from bloat. Unless your clover just exploded with growth and he hasn't eaten any, its possible. With their free range nature, I think it would be hard for them to die of bloat. Most of the time, it is from corn or a high protein hay that is introduced after several months without any high protein/carb foods and their system(gut) isn't ready for it. How far from a road are you? It could be he was hit and ran there and died. They can go a long ways before the injuries get them. I also don't think that bloat would prolapse the rectum like that.

I may be wrong on any and/or all of this. Just what I have talked to people about and read.
Can't answer your question, But I highly suggest that anytime that anyone finds a dead deer of unknown causes to look at the hooves. They sometimes show indicators of EHD.