Ford focus food plot


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This is a continuance of my short lived "Ford Focus Land Management" thread from QDMA. Its pretty much about work I have done only with the use of my Ford Focus, gets good MPG and just enough room for me and some basic tools. I will skip all the boring set up and work from previous years and get right to my new micro low tool plot. This was the start. I had already cleared a few shrubs when I took these photos but it was a natural little opening in the woods that needed a little manual labor to open up and just a couple hinge cuts to get a little more light in,third.jpg fistshots.jpg second.jpg hinge.jpg
I sprayed with gly and gave it a couple weeks.
Came back got some soil for a soil test, spread some lime I figured I would need. I decided to split the plot in half. One side I would clear to dirt the other I would spread seed and weed wack. After an hour of raking with a rake that broke leaving me with a 3ft stick and a seperate rake head 5 minutes in I was left with this. Notice the fallen tree in the middle divides the two.weed.jpg dirt.jpg
I then spread seed and weedwacked anything standing down.
And now a month later I have this..
2backplot7-28-16.jpg 3backplot7-28-16.jpg 1backplot7-28-15.jpg
so far so good.