First Horse Apple


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This is the first horse apple I have gotten off a three-in-one tree I grafted up in my backyard. The rootstock was started from a seed by my wife about 6 years ago, I guess. I planted that tree in the yard three years ago and grafted a horse apple scion from a friends 75 + year old tree that has since died, some old time striped apple from a tree that he has that is pushing 70 but is dying, and a sweet red apple of some kind from his brother. The seedling rootstock has really done well with this combo. I absolutely LOVE apple crisp made from this variety of horse apple.

First horse apple 7-23-18.JPG
My FIL dug up a root sprout from a Horse at an old home place. It grew 12 to 14 years and was making a nice full sized tree. It was just beginning to bear and had about 20 big nice apples one year. The next year the new road came through and they run it over with a bulldozer. The apples looked just like your apple.