Fired the Tube and Hired the Cage

That's funny! I had exactly the same experience. I put some hazelnuts in tubes a few years ago, mainly to see where I'd planted them so I don't mow there, and they never really grew. Took off the tubes and Shazam - hazelnut bushes.
Old thread I know but didn’t need new one.
Couple of favorite trees I’ve planted over the years. The Silky Dogwood and the Hazelnut. Planted dozens of both and they spent several years groaning in tree tubes. Once released into cages they exploded. Deer love Silkies so you best cage them for protection.



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Give me a cage all day every day. Done with tubes myself. But...I ain't planted a tree in 5 years at the farm. When I did, I lost more in tubes. Don't recall losing one in a cage. Truthfully, most disappointed thing I've ever done on the farm is plant fruit trees. Got a bunch of pretty ones, mostly kieffer pears that either don't produce or lose all their fruit in August. Envy you guys growing all those fruit trees loaded with fruit. #givemenativepersimmons