Finally !


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I finally closed the deal on a deer this morning. We have so many acorns it's been hard to get any kind of deer in front of me this season. I did see two young bucks day before yesterday, and it was enjoyable, but didn't help to fill the freezer.

About 8:30 this morning a doe and a big button buck came down the trail I was hunting over. She stopped broadside in front of me so I sent a Slick Trick Mag on an FMJ her way. I guess I got excited to shoot my first deer in two years, because I pulled the shot and didn't have a clue where the arrow hit. I heard bone crack, knew it was toward the front half of the deer, but that's all. I didn't bowhunt last year because of shoulder injuries and not much the year before. I guess I'm starting over at the ripe old age of 70 !

I watched her run about 35/40 yards and stop. She stood there about 30 seconds, then slowly walked another 20 yards or so. I could barely make out her butt because of the white on the insides of her legs. I looked away and back, and she was gone. From what I saw, I suspected liver shot. I sat there for 10 minutes or so, never saw her again, and made the decision to gather up my stuff and slip out. I was in a bow blind, so out the back door I went, walked to my cart, and loaded up for home and my pup. Since it was 34* this morning, I decide I'd give her some time. My wife said she would go back with me and we would spend the night, which we often do. We got back down there after lunch, put the harness and lead on Sarge, and drove to the spot. When we drove up I saw some white in the woods that wasn't supposed to be there. I unloaded Sarge and let him do his thing anyway. Didn't want to cheat him out of being the hero ! :)

Just as I suspected, back of lungs and liver. She didn't go ten feet farther than where I last saw her. I'm just glad it was cold enough that the meat was still good ! Thank you Lord for small blessings !
Congrats on the start over. You got it done! I am close to 70 and have thoughts of "starting over". Love bow hunting but some knee and back issues have thought otherwise. Now back from a trip to Old Williamsburg and I think I will bring out the stick and string. You encourage me.