Fimco UTV sprayer

I'm in the same boat and asked a similar question a couple weeks ago. I want a 60gallon.
I was looking at eduraplas and bestway utv sprayers. They cost around $1300. Cropcare runs around $1000. A quality boom will run another $3-400.
Most here recommended northstar rather than fimco.
I haven't pulled the trigger on any yet, but will make a decision by May.
I have a 25 gallon Fimco boomless sprayer that I put on the four wheeler. It is not what most would rate as a high quality sprayer. It is good for the price though and gets the job done just fine. Had a fifty gallon three point hitch Fimco boom sprayer before that and used it ,many, many years before it got tired. Actually found out later it was possibly the pump that wore out which was bought separately.
I went and looked at a few today. I think I’m going to go with the fimco 25 gallon with booms. Not the nicest, but will get job done and I can use extra money saved on tree stands.

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Sounds good. The only maintenance I ever did on mine was to run some clean water thru when done each time it was used and ran camper antifreeze thru it each fall. It was stored covered with a tarp under the barn lean-to out in the temps down to minus 35. It was an easy keeper.
I have a fimco 25 on my atv, its worked fine accept the pump went out after very little use, I switched to a northstar pump and so far after two years I love it.
I used the 25 gallon Fimco, easy set up. I replaced the pressure switch once then bypassed it the second time that it failed.

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I replaced the 3 boom nozzles with one in the middle from Northern, much faster and way more uniform coverage. 1 1/2 quarts of gly/25 gallons of water for good one acre kills.

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I picked up a 60 gal from Atwoods yesterday 169.00,I use a 26 gal on my 4wheeler made a stand mounts at hitch and bought a cycle country boomless nozzle so no boom to mess with
I went and looked at a few today. I think I’m going to go with the fimco 25 gallon with booms. Not the nicest, but will get job done and I can use extra money saved on tree stands.

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I've used that one for years and it's what I still have. It's just okay. The shape of the bottom of the tank, in addition to the location of the intake tube, makes it almost impossible to completely spray the tank dry. You'll usually end up with ~3 gallons of liquid in the tank. And when the tank starts getting low, it will suck air when spraying on slopes...which causes skipping and inconsistent spray coverage.
My other complaint with it is the tiny drain hole. Makes it slow and tedious for flushing and cleaning.
I really think a better one could be made from a plastic ~20 gallon barrel. A rounded bottom would make it spray until fully empty a lot better. And the bung size would allow faster flushing. I've had some design ideas rolling around in my brain for a couple years now. I just never get around to building one.

45 gal Fimco at tractor supply for $599. I think they are on sale, too

Regarding Tractor Supply, they have a deal where you can sign up for specials; just ask the cashier to be put on their e-mail list. Two or three times a year they have a 15% customer appreciation night which is advertised to their e-mail list. I buy regular items there as I need them but when it comes to big purchases I wait until they send me via e-mail one of those special 15% percent off night specials. It has saved me quite a bit and probably encouraged me to buy things I really needed but might not have bought without the 15% deal.

Tap, I agree the Fimco sprayers are just OK but they do get the job done and cost a lot less than other ready to go alternatives. And I too dislike seeing the fluid in the bottom of the tank that can not be sprayed and must just be dumped or diluted to spray it out of the tank.
I drain the residual into a 4 gallon backpack sprayer and use for "spot" spraying

Yeah, that's what I do too. But not by choice. It's only because I have remaining mix that I don't know what to do with. And sometimes my backpack sprayer is being used with a different chemical so I end-up scrounging around for some other containers for the leftover chemical from the Fimco.
My buddy says that he just adds more water to the ATV sprayer and re-sprays the field, which may make some sense. The application rate is determined "by the acre", so we are not really over applying it, right?
But re-spraying the field is a waste of fuel and time. I mix my chemicals to the rate that should cover the acre. Fooling around with skipped sections because the sprayer was sucking air sucks...pun intended.
I have a Fimco 25 gal. sprayer also. I wonder if a garden hos fitting could be used to plumb the drain to the pump inlet. All you would need to do then is tilt the tank so the drain is the low side. You would want to make sure our tank is clean when you start so no undesirables get sucked into the pump.