Farm logs

Yes. It happened recently. They want $29 or $99 a month to keep track of rainfall, GDU, and lots of other stuff that doesn’t pertain to us. Sucks to lose that functionality but I ain’t paying those prices. Not worth it.
I liked seeing the rain to date totals and graph compared to average but like you i am not paying for it.
I have not looked in a while... I won't pay for it's a nice to know sort of thing, but not a need to know sort of thing.
Same here. You can see the accumulation for the most recent rain event and the total for the year, but not the graphs that show in comparison to the yearly average or the daily totals for a time range. I just downloaded it last fall so I haven't had it as long as some of you but as soon as I got used to checking it regularly, they change things up. Story of my life so I guess you guys can blame me!

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