Dog Kennel Build


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I am thinking about building a dog kennel in an equipment shed that we have that would be used as a place to keep them out of the weather for a few hours at a time while we are in the deer stand or to keep them in over night while at the hunting property. The equipment shed that we have has a slight slope to it with a crusher run floor. I was thinking of building it elevated to make it level on the lowest point of our existing shed so the water/waste would run off and out of the shed if needed.

Has anyone ever used pressure treated deck boards for the flooring of a dog kennel? Are there any do's or don'ts to building a dog kennel? I was thinking of building two separate "runs" that are 4x8.

Pics are greatly appreciated.
I built one a couple of yrs ago with a pressure treated floor. I put a strip down under the center so that it had a slight crown. Works slick to hose off and is softer on their feet than gravel or cement. It was only for part of the kennel, the run is dirt.