dilute glypho to kill weeds yet allow clover to survive??

Thunder/slay has residual affect doesn't it? Can be a problem for someone planning overseeding or rotational planting?
You are correct, it can also be used as a preemergent spray before planting alfalfa, including being incorporated in the top 2 inches of soil, and carries a residual effect on killing weeds. Spraying clover in early spring when some of the herbicide hits the bare soil between plants has a benefit in preemergent weed control. Wait 4 months after applying to start new clover, 8.5 months for corn, 12 months for barley, 18 months for oats, 24 months for potatoes. Only 1 application of 4-6 oz per acre per year. Because of the residual, Thunder herbicide should only used for permanent clover plots. It's that residual effect that makes the clover grow like it's been fertilized, clover does not compete well with weeds, and the residual effects of Thunder take away that competition. As always, it's so important to read all chemical labels. If you struggle with this, ask someone qualified to read them for you.
I sprayed 7 acres yesterday, some with cleth, some with 1quart/25 gallon of gly, and some with Raptor. The comparison should be interesting. The benefits of the gly and raptor is it does more than just kill grasses. I spent the coin on the raptor a couple years ago to preserve the chicory I like adding to my clover plantings.
I haven't tried Raptor yet, the reviews say it only works well on small weeds? Thunder seems to kill rr resistant mature marestail, although not listed under species controlled.
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