deer disappeared


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The entire summer I have had atleast 6 bucks a night and several does at my feeders all night long. Now for over a week I only had one video of a doe and fawn. Everything else disappeared. I dont know of anything that changed at all. Anyone ever have this happen in august?
Food sources are constantly changing, so there might be something drawing them away from your place that is "in" right now.
When it gets dry in August the guy with the best greens, often an upstart brassica patch, gets nailed.

Everything is green here, 40" of rain this year so far already. Normally they disappear in october just havnt seen august before. Maybe someone elses corn is ahead of mine haha
I had lots of deer hammering my Eagles until the farmer across from me put in beans last month. His field is much larger than mine and the deer seem to have shifted to feeding in his fields. But Im ok with it, my beans have doubled in size since he planted them. I have a decent bean field here now. I planted ag beans last season and my field was eaten to the dirt last year this time. I know they will be back soon as the eagles will still be green after his fields turn yellow. I never have bucks on me early. They always seem to find their way though.
I'd say food related too. In my neighborhood, the deer vanish when the bur oaks start dropping, and that is about now.