Melanistic deer


I have seen several albino and white deer. I had a piebald deer in my scope ( no I did not shoot). This week I saw a large doe that was black. Not shiny black like a bear but definitely black. I had read of this coloration and seen pictures but in my56 years of deer observation and hunting this was the first I had ever seen. Anyone here ever seen this coloration?
One doe and one buck. Someone had shot the buck and he was just a two year old or three at best. Kinda hard to age a dead one. The doe we saw at a place in the edge of a decent sized city when we were building a drill site. There had been some Canada geese lighting in a field and my son climbed up on the hood of the dozer to see them better when he spotted the doe with some more normal does. There was a low place in that field where they couldn’t be seen from the street and they were making the most of it.
That's truly fascinating! While it's relatively rare, black-colored deer, often referred to as "melanistic" deer, do exist. They have a dark, almost black coat due to an excess of pigment in their skin and hair. It's indeed a unique sight, and it's fantastic that you've had the chance to observe one after so many years of deer observation and hunting. To gain a deeper understanding of how far deer travel, consider exploring additional websites and sources for comprehensive information. Nature always has its surprises!
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