Crabgrass herbicide


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Anyone have any success spraying crabgrass in established lawn? This is year 2 of my newly seeded lawn & the crabgrass is starting to spread. Is there a product to kill it now without hurting my lawn? I have a tuff turf fescue & kentucky blue grass lawn.



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Crabgrass prevention is done in early spring long before the crabgrass seeds even think about germinating. The herbicide works to prevent that - seed germination - of both crabgrass and any other grassed. We're playing age difference.

Now that you have it, the best thing to do is pull it or keep it mowed so it doesn't go to seed. Sometime I rest to spraying glyphosate (it kills everything) on tough, long established patches, knowing I'm going to need to reseed my sprayed area.

Next year in March or April buy a crabgrass PREVENTER and get it applied.


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Farmer Dan is right. You need to apply a pre-emergent in early spring. We have to do 2 at 6-8 week intervals to make it through our season. You need to get some Solitare, Q-4 or Acclaim Extra. they will control crabgrass in fescue as a post emergent. You need to either kill the crabgrass and broadleaf before overseeding season or put a serious hurting on it because you have to wait a month after a solitare or Q-4 treatment to overseed. Assuming these products are labeled for your state.


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I spray mine every year with the spectracide broadleaf and crabgrass killer from menards, i put it on at a very high rate but it works great on any size crabgrass for me.


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From personal experience, it is best to wait until the freshly planted grass gains strength and grows at least 5 cm. Then try crabgrass killers on a small area with weeds and see what the result is. It is also very important to choose the right crabgrass killer. Take a look in this article for a detailed description of the different types of crabgrass killer and for what purposes they are used.


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I used to carry a weed popper on my mower and I would just fall off and dig it up. That got old so now I’ve resorted to pre-emergent ‘cause I don’t fall off and on like I used to.