Cover Crop Roller


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IMG_6919.JPG Hey guys, I'm here to sell something. Check it out @

The short story is I built a 6' roller this summer and used it with my planter while doing corn. I'm excited about using it more and hope to sell some. I'm working on building some 6' units along with 8' and 10.5'.

With this unit my goal on the farm is to build my soil. I'm in middle Tennessee, near Ashland city, so my soil is rocky and not the best. I hope to one day use less fertilizer and herbicide and see something better come out of it. This may be a little extreme for a wildlife farmer but I'm going to take a swing at it and see what happens.

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Welcome. This is a product/idea I'm very interested. I'm trying to find out if there's a way to add a front 3pt hitch to my tractor so that I could roll and plant at the same time.
This one has a 500 and 400 series JD front hook up. Check out my site and email or call if you want to get one.

If you don't have that model FEL I can get you in touch with a FEL 3 point adapter.

The ones I'm making now don't have FEL plates. Only 3 point hook ups. The other two differences is the blades on the 7' roller are not chevron enough, meaning they vibrate when rolling. They still work though.

For the 6' roller I had to do some work on the FEL plate for it to line up with my JD541 FEL. Both crop rollers work well and can be pulled 3 point or pushed with a JD 500 or 400 FEL with the 7'.

This summer i'm planning on trying an 8 or 10.5 unit and just pull it behind my tractor after planting into my cover crop with my planter. It is nice having it off the front and doing it in one pass but with my smaller fields and my FEL not floating I think I will be better off pulling it.