Concordia Oaks

I am headed to Missouri and chance you attach a pic or two of the leaves? I am hoping to find a tree or two along the way and grab a hand full of acorns.

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Never mind, the pictures attached to the thread are now showing on my phone. I can see enough to help Id if I am lucky enough to find a tree.

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The trees only grow in one spot. But they are easy to identify.
I bet they grow a lot of places in MO now since MDC is always sold out. Probably a little early for the first round of MDC seedlings to be setting acorns if I remember right that was maybe 5 years ago. I know at least one place in MO at least 100 miles from Concordia with 6 or 8 still alive!;) Not sure if the ones at the rest stop in Concordia are still there or not?
At least three are. But i’m Willing to bet any of them planted away from there will have hybrid offspring. I’m betting mine’s offspring are Concordia x whites. Of course Concordia is a hybrid to begin with, so.....
No luck on the Concordia acorns, made it up around Springfield and Table Rock. Tons of oaks found but not what I was hoping for. I guess I just need to run to Concordia and hit the rest stop next time.

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Second year for my trees. Purchased from MDC the first year they offered them.

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My final take of Concordia nuts this year unless I find some trees down in the woods that we planted that haven’t already been picked clean. These are from my yard where I can keep an eye on them better. Whoever said Concordias were early producers were right but they it’s not like they are loaded. Four maybe five acorns per tree if you are lucky has been my experience so far starting at about four years old. They sure are a pretty oak tree though and fairly fast growing and don’t see to require much supplemental watering once established.


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