Color For Hunting Blind?


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Hello everyone,

I recently build a mobile hunting blind to use on my property. It is 6'X8' with 6'-6" tall walls, built on an old homemade trailer with a draw-bar hitch. Window openings 36" above the floor. It didn't cost me anything to build as all of the lumber was free. I used metal roofing as the siding (also free). I am going to paint the entire blind to make it match the environment, however I am contemplating which color/ colors to use. I have been researching other forums and have read using dark gray, flat black, hunter green, brown and other earth-tone colors. I was wondering if anyone has had success with a particular color? Thank you in advance.
Because the environment is going to change I am not sure it really matters. Now, the greens and tans will be great, but as the leaves change color and fall....eventually you are going to have snowfall on the ground with stark contrasts as well. Biggest thing I think you could do would be brush it in really well, maybe use one of the ghillie nets. Turn it into a brush pile.... I just built a tower blind on the top of a gravity cart - painted it OD Green, but it's hiding in plain sight so color doesn't really matter. I painted it more for the protection of the wood more than anything.
My brother did that years ago on a old Steel Wheel Wagon.

He just put Tar Paper on the side and held it in place with Wood strips. He shot many deer out of that thiong and they couldn't of cared less.

Now he has a perminate Tower Blind built using Green Metal roofing for sides. The Deer get used to whatever is in the woods fairly quickly and don't care.
In New Hampshire, I expect it gets cold. Cut some 3/4” foam board insulation and glue it to the insides with liquid nails. From the windows down glue some old carpet on the foam board. Warmer and much less noisy.
Stuff pops and clangs as the temps rise in the morning and cool in the evening. Especially if out in the sun.
The LLC- Thanks for the warning about metal roofing. If it becomes a nuisance I will remove it and replace with wood siding. I agree with Black, it blends in pretty well until Winter when the ground is covered with white.

Deadeye- thanks for the recommendation about tar paper. I agree that they get used to whatever is there. Eventually as long as there is no movement they will come around to anything.

J-bird. You said it perfectly how the environment is always changing. I may end up leaving what I have for now, put the game camera out and see if the deer are phased at all by its presence.

Thanks again everyone.