Chinkapin oak acorns already sprouting

Got some Chinkapin oak acorns from a member here and when they arrived many already had a radicle about 1/2-3/4 inch long. Will they be ok to just put them in the fridge until spring or do I need to go ahead and pot them and protect them from freezing all winter? Thanks in advance!
Throw them in the fridge until spring, they will be fine. Most white oaks pop in storage by nature. They will go to sleep or slow way down once stored at 34 degrees.
Agreed. They should be fine in the fridge. I've stored whites for over 6 months in the fridge and most of them grew a radicle while in the fridge. They did fine once planted.
As others have said, they should be fine.....just keep them in damp moss (not wet).

Its amazing how much they get going while in the mail! They went out without ANY radicals!!
CAS_HNTR, I also got some from Catscratch and I think those were the ones with the radical. I don't think the ones you sent me have popped just yet, but they are all in the fridge so they should be good even if they do..