Checking rifles before season

Scope eye can get pretty nasty

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Yes it can. A friend of mine got hit by a 12 gauge muzzleloader scope twice in one day. We were shooting in a still target competition.

The first time it happened it hurt him pretty bad, and the second time he passed completely out.

I got up over him with a towel to stop the blood and started talking to him in order to get him to wake up. He slowly came to and looked up at me. First words out of his mouth were, "I, I, I don't think I want to shoot muzzleloader anymore."
When I was a 17, I got scoped real bad shooting a deer one night. I was with my little brother who was too small to help drag it out. I ended up throwing it around my shoulders and walked it back to the truck (football,wrestling and rugby had me in pretty good shape). We stopped at a gas station for a soda and when I walked in, the clerk asked where accident was so she could call for help. In all the excitement, I hadn't thought about how covered in blood I was, and the deep scope gash really added effect:).
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