Canned venison for the first time today

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What a way to kick off the new year. Since I had the day off, I figured I'd make a day out of processing a doe shot yesterday.
Out of the blue I thought we could finally try canning some meat as it sounds so good.Saved a few cuts that had some tendon running through them and shanks too, figuring that the canning process would break down the connective tissue. Tried a small batch of only 7 pint jars since this was really just a test for next year. Kept it simple and canned raw with no browning, water or anything. The only seasoning added was a 1/2 TS of powdered beef bullion in 5 pints and 1/2 TS of salt in 2 pints, figuring if the basics were good seasoning could be added later.
Right now the pressure is falling and have to wait for things to cool off. It's pretty fun, as I've never canned anything before, although the wife cans vegetables.
Almost forgot, while waiting for the canning process to finish a rack of deer ribs made it on the grill. They turned out surprisingly good with a little hickory wood smoke.
Between the processing, canning, and grilling, I'm whooped!
If anybody has any specifics or recipes on canning meat, I'd love to hear them.
I've only eaten canned meat once in my life but have ready quite a bit on the old forum of guys canning venison. Buddy of mine got a digital pressure cooker for Christmas and is telling me I'm gonna have to get one.
The wife made homemade noodles today and added a jar of the venison. I thought it was really good. It was very tender considering the shanks and poor quality cuts, and the flavor was nice and mild. In fact, the meat was really too tender and it quickly fell apart in the noodles. I will absolutely do more canning next season, as it's a good way to use those lesser quality cuts.

The digital cookers do look pretty nice. Hmmm