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I've always wanted to try the trail cameras that will email you pics of what's captured on camera to your phone. Is it possible just have that feature for a couple months (like October and November)? Or is it like a contract thing? Curious to know what the costs are with it. I have unlimited data.

thanks for the help!
Most companies that offer this with cameras, have the option of 3, 6, or 12 months. If the camera company uses the same service as you, you can go and see what a service plan would be by the month. Most service plans offered by camera companies are roughly $10/month for unlimited pictures/texts/emails.
I just put a Spartan Go-Cam on with Verizon. Got it for my hog trap. All the signal I had was two bars but it sent the pics to my iPhone in about a minute. $5 a month added to my bill with a $30 activation fee.
I've had this camera for a couple years without activating it. If I were to buy another, I would look into Bushnell. I think they're quite a bit cheaper and Bushnell customer service is second to none in my experience.
I had two Bushnell Wireless Trophy cams and had to send one back to vendor for an refund as I never could get it to work. The other one I have works but it lacks just about every feature that drew me to go with Covert and Spartan to begin with. If you want something that will just take a pic then you might be okay with a Bushnell. But if you want something you can really control, request pics, etc. Go with a Spartan or Covert. In this case you really do get what you pay for.

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I have Spartan Go Cam with At&t. No activation fee and $25 for three months. Then I went $75 for 12 months. Love it. I have Verizon for cell phone so not able to add to plan. I have camera on farm house now to keep tabs on comings and goings. This picture was triggered at 9:45 and I got email 9:48. This is a pretty good distance to be picking up movement.
I have the SPYPOINT LINK Camera. It runs off Verizon or AT&T network comes with the Sim card first 30 days after activation is free. Then you can choose different plans. You can choose a free plan which offered 100 pictures a month. Then they have other plans for unlimited pictures for example I pay $15 for unlimited pictures monthly but this is per camera. They have two other options but I forget what they are.

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I have verizon and have been leaning towards Spypoint and Spartan. I have unlimited data but i'm guessing that doesn't really matter since you pay by the months you are only using the camera?
My only complaint with the SPYPOINT is that it can be iffy when it sends me the pictures. Sometimes it will be immediately and at other times up to two hours later. One average though, I’d say it sends it within the hour. Now this may not be a big deal for most ppl bc it still prevents the hunter from having to disrupt he area and checking the camera repeatedly which is the biggest advantage. But for me I live on 25 acres and it’s nice when it does send it immediately so I can possibly sneak and get some meat in the freezer lol

An example is a week ago it sent us a picture of a nice big 7 point crossing the area and it sent it within an hour and a half after he had crossed the camera. I was busy doing something, so I had my wife go sit around the area and use the Doe bleat and ended up getting him. I did work out bc he stayed in he area but it could have been the other way around due to how long it took to send the picture.

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