Bur Oak vs Asian Beetles

Travis Aasen

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I seem to be having a problem with Asian Beetles eating my Bur oak leaves. Not like a lot of plants they decimate with swarms, but they are doing a number as single beetles.. Thoughts or preventatives any one has used. I've used Sevin in the past on other plants and feel as those beetles just lick it up.
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assuming you are referencing "Japanese beetles" can certainly be destructive. Sevin i have found to be extremely effective myself against these guys, i think my application is 1.5 oz / gallon of water. my apple trees/crabs that i have in my neighborhood yard here i spray that on and don't have them touch it for at least a month and as soon as it wears off its like game on they find it fast, hit it once more and done for summer.

I've tried more organic approach in my garden as they love my peas especially. Pyrethrum (semi organic) and neem oil, but both require repeated application and honestly i can normally not keep up.