Building a deer blind

Sounds like that price is going up ;)

Might as well get it the way you want, so hopefully you won’t have to mess with it for a long time.

You mentioned using using a rubber flap to seal with. I’ve found that using those vinyl/rubber baseboards help to seal the doors. I’m actually using them on my metal stand, along with weatherstripping to keep the bugs out. You can buy them in 4ft sections in the flooring dept at HD for a couple of bucks. Just a thought.

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Indeed. I'm contemplating on going with a 8x5 to save some money. I really dont want to go over 750.
All very good suggestion above. At the risk of repeating some of the above comments my top four things to consider:
1. 5x6 minimum.
2. roof needs to overhang windows. Think sun and rain.
3. mice are going to have a field day with insulation. Mouse heaven.
4. Spend your money on a good door and good windows. Money well spent.
All good ideas. I’ve also sat in some too big. You can’t see all the way around in some locations. I find myself moving around just to see. The bigger stands are awesome for a person on each side but terrible by yourself. 5x5 is a good middle area. It doesn’t work out so well with standard cuts of wood and does have waste but works good imo.
I have a 5x6 and if I sit in the center I have great vision of the area and am able to draw my bow without hitting any walls. It also hunts two very comfortably. I did however not cut out my windows until I had it placed in the woods so I had them covering exactly the areas I needed them to and at the right height.