Bucks not chasing


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I’m up in Cuba NY, the temps have been in the 20s here and I haven’t seen much movement for gun season compared to the archery. I’ve got 2 stands and 3 ground blinds over 800 acres and I’m only seeing the mature bucks at night. Anyone have any tips or thoughts on how to find these guys during the daytime?
Welcome to the forum. I would assume your rut is over and the deer are in a feeding mode. I would focus on food sources. If you're not seeing any daytime action maybe move your ground blind up the trail a couple hundred yards. You might get lucky and catch a buck staging there before exposing himself in the open at night. Also this late in the season and cold thermal cover and south side of hills during the daylight hours (sun facing) might catch a buck or two bedded there.

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Talked to a few guys out here and they haven’t seen any big boys chasing either, I wasn’t sure if it was a late rut or what but I’m gonna try that tomorrow morning!
Just based on geography I'd say your peak rut was sometime in mid November. Any doe that wasn't bred during that time should cycle back around right about now. You can tell by if scrapes have been freshened up or new rubs appear. I'd still key in on food sources and doe this time of year. Eventually those bucks will check those places where does frequent.

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We have not seen any real mature buck chasing in weeks. Our mature bucks are nocturnal and the mild weather and extreme acorn production means they don’t have to go far. If acorns were covered in a foot or two of snow as is typical, movement would be better. For me, it means our MZ season which kicks of Monday will be the best option for a mature buck. I do need to thin our doe numbers and plan to use a DMP tomorrow (last day of rifle) and then focus on MZ and archery tags. In our area, rut seems to peak between the 10th and 15th. With rifle season not starting until 11/21, it was largely over. I’ve seen no evidence of a secondary rut this year....
they’re calling for a cold front in a few days, hopefully we get some snow with it because the one last week did nothing but bed them down around here.