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Has anyone had issues where the camera will take pics one week but not the next?I was told that I have to use lithium's and only use that card in that camera.It has worked the last month just fine and now this week nothing.I also had a moultrie that was a month old fail but trailcampro replaced it.
My experience with Browning game cameras has come to an end. The power supply quits on them. They are made in China and they seem to give up at the same time. Not another penny for a Browning.

Have been unable to get anyone to work on them yet. Best camera for us was the old Moultrie M80. They were extremely difficult to wear out. True work horses.
I have a whole fleet of the strike force. I like the fact that they only take 6 batteries and are easy to setup. They also take very good pictures both day and night. Cons are that the latches are a weak point and the SD card removal is difficult in colder weather. I solve this by being careful with the latches and using tweezers to get the card out. They will only take a picture every 5 seconds but have a pretty fast initial trigger, especially on the new ones. I use rechargeable batteries in them but have recently started using lithium. Both seem to work fine. The oldest are 3 years old now and the newest are a couple months old. I have never had issues with the power or not taking pictures. They are what they are and they are cheaper cameras but they do what I need and seem dependable. A local store has them marked down to 100 so I picked up a few more. If I continue to get 3-4 years out of them for a hundred bucks, then that's about the best you can do on the Chinese stuff. So far so good.
I have 9 of them. I had a issue with one of them and it was the contacts on the battery tray. I have no complaints on mine. You won't find anything else for the same money that comes close.
I agree they take good pics,just tired of not know if they worked that week,I guess I need to move them to unimportant spots.I agree the old moultries and even the old bushnell still chugg along
I own 3 and we bought 6 for the lease, not counting personal brownings from other members. Not one issue. I have had one since they first came out. Still makes great pics and videos.
I've purchased 8 of the brownings, 3 different models. Had issues with 4 of them and like swat, they were due to the battery tray contacts. You may want to check the contacts to see if they need to be cleaned. If you have one that will work and one that is having the issue, you may want to see if swapping the trays causes the problem to follow. Also, if you have access to an external 12v power source, that could rule out the camera internals and confirm the contact issue. Browning will replace the trays, so you may want to check with them if it points to that.

But to answer your original question, yes. A couple of seasons ago I loaded two of them up with fresh lithiums and confirmed that they were working when I left. Came back a week later and both had no power. Removed the trays, bumped them a couple of times and they started working again. Came back a few days later and both had stopped working again. It was very frustrating and I decided to move them into less important locations. I had Browning replace the trays and they are back working again, but I still only relegate them to less important areas.

Hope that helps.

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I have a 2016 Strike Force Elite. Better put it on a feeder no more than 10 feet away or it wont detect moving objects.
I've had the same battery tray issue with one third of my Brownings. Frustrating to say the least. Love them when they power up--very pleased with picture quality/detection/size
I've got 6 2015 and 2016 Strike Force cams and am super happy with them. For the money, haven't seen anything that can compete. They stay out year round and have taken 10s of thousands of pics each and they just keep on keeping on. Pics are clear and video is great.
Just to clarify, I haven't seen the issues with the battery tray occur in the sub micros. My issues occurred with the full size cameras - range ops and spec ops. My hope is that they fixed those issues on the newer ones. If you are experiencing a similar issue, I'd check it against a 12v power source and see if it stays powered up. If so, could be the tray issue again.

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Browning will replace the trays if necessary, they've sent me a few a year or so back.

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I went and checked my strikeforce today and sure enough it wouldn't come on when I turned off then back on.I pulled battery tray in the 2 contacts are on the left side and I could see where maybe they wouldn't make that great of contact.I took my knife tip and bent up just a bit and put back in and camera came right up.It had taken some pictures but wasn't on when i got there
same issue, i've sent one back and got another because of losing power. only had it back out for about 8 months now. also had a issue with the same one, water getting inside. we will see how long this one last.
I had similiar issue. Sent back they replaced battery trey. Been working fine ever since. Cam performs just ok. Doubt I buy another. 12mp bushnell budget cam that wal mart carries will be my next cam purchase. I have a bushnell trophy that's been running strong for 4 yrs now
I have 3 strike forces. Picture quality is good. Fast trigger. Great on batteries.

Sensitivity of the trigger is not what I would hope for, at least in cold weather. The damn deer has to almost pass 10 yards or closer sometimes. I hunted a pinch point in a field last December and saw 10+ deer that night. Only 2-3 showed up on camera.

Not a great scouting tool, but adequate to show you what's out there. But I can get THREE of these for the price of one Reconyx, so yeah, I'm sticking with them. If I become independently wealthy with $500 burning a hole in my pocket, then I'll pick up a few far superior cameras.
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Thought I had my issue solved and then pulled card yesterday and not a single pic but tracks all over in front of browning,they take good pictures when they work.