Brassica fertilizer


my brassica plots were put in Monday, didn't have a chance to spread fertilizer, so planning to do it before another good rain here soon. Do you guys go by the LC mix recommendation? His numbers definitely seem like they are high, but I am not an expert so I can't really criticize. Have about 1.5-1.75 acres total. Definitely planning on a couple hundred pounds of urea to give it a good nitrogen boost, but what fertilizer and how much?
Brassica loves N especially. I usually don't add much fert anymore since soil tests are optimum but I do usually add100#/ac 19-19-19 and 100-200# Urea depending on my time and money to spend. I always add another 100# Urea in 30 days. I've done with and without and deff see more production the more Urea I throw at them. I'm hitting mine again this Fri before remnants of Harvey passes thru. Don't want Urea laying on ground dry for more than 24 hours.