Braissica plot pics...any advice


Pleased with the way my plot is looking but plenty of bare spots. I know these brassicas will get big and form a canopy, not sure if I should fill in more before a big rain or what? Thought of throwing down some winter rye in the bare spots. Also plan to top dress with about 150 LBs of urea if we ever get some rain! Any tips guys?
This mix was planted in 5.8 PH soil with 150 LBs of urea and 150LBs of 19-19-19
What size plot, when did you plant, and how much rain? What did you plant and how much? Does look sparse but brassica can be a little slow to come on especially if dry, then bust out. Im thinking if only been couple weeks you may see some more growth. Plenty of time to overseed WR if it stays thin.
We have had a bit of rain, not a lot.Planted the LC brassica mix. No rain in the forecast for the next 15 days according to the weather channel
Hell I would fill it in with oats, and wr. if you topdress with brassicas just do it LIGHT. Last thing you want it so too much brassica seed.
I had a feild that looked pretty similar, figured I had a bunch of empty spots since some brassicas were a couple inches, got another rain and a week later the empty spots were filled in.
Some times some of the seed gets planted a little deeper and will still pop given a little extra time and rain. If still thin first wk Sept spread WR/WW and could include oats and RC.

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I guess the question is, if indeed there is still more bare spots after a good rain, I can only broadcast rye and whatever else and leave it on top of the ground, I can't take more equipment in the field and run over the brassicas, so would this work?
Rye will sprout on the surface given a lengthy, dependable rain (e.g. a 3-4 day stretch where you wouldn't plan to leave the house without an umbrella.

Won't do the brassicas any harm either.

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