Food Plot - Low Spots


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There's a 0.5 acre clear cut on our farm where it has grown over with just grass, super easy to make into food plot and the location would be perfect wind for set-up and entrance/exit and i already have a lot of travel going through this section, but would like a stopping ground on way to big fields to north.

The problem is i'm little worried i'm going to run into erosion and probably have difficulty plowing up....i would love to eventually no till this, so i don't have to run the disk and plow, but not in cards at moment.

Am i going to run into water just pooling in center? Maybe i'm overreacting, but seems like other plots i've done where there is any bit of elevation change i end up with bare spots in low ground.

I know some of easterners and mountain range guys probably going this flatlander is worried about 10' of elevation change ha

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Just plant around it! I am working on this in a plot of mine. It's a low spot and when it rains it holds water longer than I care for. So instead of fighting it....I simply am planting some other things that like that additional moisture and it will break up the plot and add a little sense of security cover to it and maybe even a rub tree or two at some point. Use a level and a laser pointer as a transom and just mark it off and put in some cutting or dogwoods or willows or the like and be done with it....or plant a clover that handles more water. Work WITH what you have. Otherwise your running a 4" drain tile. Or simply make it a water hole. Or cope and let it suck in the spring and summer and use it as a spot to add some fall annuals.... lots of options....
Looks like the water would run towards the top of your map if I'm seeing it right. If it doesn't stay too wet for too long you might be able to put in some alsike clover or some millet that will be ok with moist to very moist. water hole?
I have a low spot in a big plot. Some years it holds water after heavy rains, some years not. Brassicas seed is cheap... I plant and roll the dice. The extra 1,000 square feet of thigh high brassicas are nice...but I don’t sweat it anymore when it pools and kills the brassicas.
When life gives you lemons make lemonade. Build a small wildlife pond in the low spot and surround it with the food plot. Your deer will love you for it.

PS: You don't have to wait until later to do no till. If you can spray and mow, you can do it now.