Bowhunter's upstate New York property tour


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I wanted to share with everyone my piece of heaven that I have here in upstate New York.

Size: 180 acres
Location: Van Etten, NY, Chemung county.

This property is a family "farm" that has been in our family since 1994. Before that time it was a potato farm, but it wasn't farmed since the 50's probably.

Here is a rough layout of the boundary lines.

I built a home on a adjoining parcel where I plan on retiring in 20 years. The home building process took me 6 years to complete starting from clearing the land to move in. If anybody is dreaming of building there own home like I did, all I can say is don't do it! Pay somebody to do it if you can afford to so you don't miss a few years of your life building a home. Here are some pictures of the process.





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Here is a few of the deer that I've harvested on our farm.

This toad weighed in at 247lbs dressed, and 297 on the hoof. He was heavier than the buck I got in Kansas last year by 20 lbs.



No monsters, but trophy's for my neck o' the woods.
Here is how we have our plots laid out.

Blue: bedding areas that we don't go into unless after a wounded animal.
Yellow: clover and turnips
Green: LC's mix
Orange: Rye and oats
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247 lbs. dressed is super large. Congratulations on producing such an animal on your property. That is just awesome! If that is not a monster, I don't know what is. I look forward to following your thread.
I finally got a chance tonight after work to get out and check some of my game cameras, and check on some of my food plots. Here is my turnip plot that's looking pretty decent.



On my way out to get one of my game cameras I found this little guy eating on one of our clover plots.


Here is the LC mix plot that I planted on 8-22.


You can see the Rye, Clover, and Peas coming up well in this photo.

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Bowhunter...Glad you're here! Great looking piece of property. Great looking home. And great bucks! Can't imagine a 247 dressed weight deer down here. You NY guys have some beautiful property. Looking forward to following along on your journey.
Glad to see you here Bowhunter! that 247 lb buck WOW - Ny has some great deer potential especially west and your way as well. My cousin lives in Big Flats and every year he has a real bruiser. The deer there run thge ridges there, not much Ag. Bears and Bobcats there too. For us in CNY a 200 lb dressed buck is real big. More deer are getting past 3 years old these days - so we'll see if the weights don't come up some too. Love your house - I'm Jealous that you have a retirement plan!!
Your plots are coming along nicely. Should be a great draw for those big deer. Great job on the house build. Impressive.
I got out to check my cameras today and I got this fat guy feeding in my turnip plot. Not that high scoring of a rack, but definitely an older deer by the size of his gut.

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I figured I would place a camera over this clover plot that is actually doing quite well considering it's our driest summer on record.